Purchasing Japan properties

Step Details Documents / Deliverables Duration (from last item)
1 Suzuki provides available property info and all charges involved in a normal transaction Property for selling info 登記費用 Summary 登記必要書類 不動產取得稅_概算 Vary
2 Buyer chooses a property Nil Vary
3 Buyer places offer Nil Vary
4 Suzuki will advise if Seller agrees on the offer, and also agree on the exchange date Nil Within 2 days
5 If seller agrees, Suzuki will appoint a solicitor firm in Japan to check if there is any problem on the property Solicitor issued a confirmation of no issue in the property Within 2 days
6 Suzuki will send all doc to HK buyer to proceed the purchase
Within 2 days
7 The appointed solicitor firm in Japan will issue a 手付金代金請求書 to HK buyer (5% of the total amount) 手付金代金請求書 Within 2 days
8 HK buyer will pay the deposit directly to the solicitor firm Nil Within 7 days
9 Solicitor firm will pay the deposit to the seller directly and Suzuki will sign the買賣合約 on behalf of the buyer with the seller Receipt of the deposit from seller Signed 買賣合約 Within 5 days
10 Suzuki will send below doc to HK buyer
a.the tenant contract (if any)
b.the ID card copy of the seller to HK buyer
c.Signed 買賣合約
Tenant contract ID card of seller Signed 買賣合約 重要事項說明書 Within 2 days
11 HK buyer to confirm if there is any issue after reviewing the doc Confirmation from buyer Within 2 days
12 The appointed solicitor firm in Japan will issue a formal request to HK buyer to pay the remaining amount, including the精算書 精算書
Formal request for outstanding amount
Within 2 days
13 HK buyer pay the final amount Nil Within 5 days
14 Suzuki completes the transaction on behalf of the buyer (結算,物件交接) A signed version of 重要事項說明書 Within 10 days
15 Solicitor firm will register the property in Japan (完成登記) Register doc  
16 Suzuki posts all the doc to HK buyer All the registration doc  
17 Suzuki sends insurance details to HK buyer Rental management contract to buyer Insurance doc Rental management contract  
18 HK buyer signs and return the doc Signed insurance doc and pay the amount Signed rental management contract