Tokyo , Japan’s capital city, is awaiting to host 2020 Olympic games. Tokyo’s economy, after 20 years of slowdown, finally picks up, its property market start to boom, The huge construction demand towards Olympics, welcomes foreign investment.

My name is Manabu Suzuki, a Japanese national, the founder of this company. I spent 15 plus years as IT engineer, I worked in many countries including China, Australia, US, India and Japan. I am native in Japanese and fluent in English and Chinese Mandarin. Also I am a global property investor, currently have my own property in 6 countries.

I leverage my multi-lingual and property investment skills, have organized two key activities.x


Outbound investment (Japan to abroad)
February 2011, I founded a global property investment club called ‘Asia Pacific Home Owners Club (APHOC) in Tokyo. The members are mainly Japanese investors who wish to invest in abroad. By the end of 2013, APHOC has more than 1400 members, one of the largest in Japan. The majority of members have their own properties in Japan. That means, I can source property info directly from the members, so that I can cater for foreign property investors.


Inbound investment (Abroad to Japan)
June 2010, I start writing property investment blog in Chinese, introduce Japan’s and other countries’ investment opportunities and my approaches. By now this blog has more than 440,000 unique accesses, have many readers in Chinese-speaking countries. With the aid of this blog, I founded a company ‘’Suzuki Property Management Limited’, to provide professional advise to foreign (mainly Chinese) investors who buys Japan properties. December 2013, I set up a office in Tokyo’s Gotanda district, obtained property broker license. Now we can provide one-stop-service from property purchase, lease and sales, via multi-languages (English, Chinese and Japanese).

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